Thursday, April 4, 2013

Moving in

It took us a while to find our house and when I say a while it was the first house we looked at.
For me it didn't have that certain sense of this is where I'm going to live however considering the other options in our price range we quickly realised this house is amazing. Now I can't imagine living anywhere else.

When we first moved in we had nothing, only furniture that other people gave us and some bits and bobs that I already had such as cutlery and plates etc. For 2 months we were living on a mattress on the floor!
We haven't been able to buy everything we wanted at once so we had to prioritise. The first thing we bought was a bed.

To start buying things for our house is amazing and I love to see it grow which is why I've started this blog. To share my ideas of what I'm doing and what I want to do with our house.

Probably my favourite thing that we have bought so far is our table. My boyfriend, Gary, persuaded me to buy it after we visited a furniture shop down the road and it was on sale! It's absolutely perfect and just what I was looking for. Unfortunately we don't have any chairs yet, but I'm on the lookout for some!

This is probably another favourite of mine, I've been looking for an old wooden blanket box, more like a trunk, but when I found this in Homesense for £30 I couldn't resist. (Please ignore the unmade bed!). The wardrobes that we have already are white and after buying 2 more white pieces of furniture I think I'm keeping the white furniture theme for upstairs.

We've been here 3 months now (nearly 4) and we're getting there, slowly but surely. I've really found the style that I love and there's so many pieces that I'm lusting after at the moment (keep an eye out for a post on what I'm wishing for at the moment) but I'm really enjoying seeing it all piece together bit by bit.
Finding shops like The Range and buying the jugs below helps too. (Check out the Emma Bridgewater style jug that cost me £5!)

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