Saturday, February 22, 2014


Forever trawling the internet for goodies to fill my basket. There are however a few things I "need", first up is some craft storage;

I'm desperately in need of something pretty and cheap to store all my fabric, ribbon etc in and this £35 set of drawers from Matalan are perfect! I don't want to buy something more expensive/permanent as we want to buy a house eventually and it might not all fit.

I've had my eye on a nice lamp base so that I can make a pretty lampshade and I think this one will do nicely!

It's from wilkos and is £22, I've seen a few other cheaper ones and I'm still on the hunt for that perfect base, curvy and shapely.

Something else I desperately need is a new wardrobe and this Next one made me gasp out loud

It's perfect, it's the right colour, size, style but most of all it's reasonable. It makes my heart swoon!

A wishlist of mine wouldn't be complete without a little CK, this apron will be perfect (and I definitely do not want to cut it up and make pretty things with it.... maybe I should buy two....)

Looking back I'm surprised how much of my wishlist is for the home, it's usually full of clothes, I'm turning into a real homebody.
Money is a bit tight at the moment so for now my wishlist shall just be a wish but soon my pretties soon.......

What are you currently wishing for?


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