Sunday, January 11, 2015

English paper piecing

I made this quilt for my Gran as a Christmas present. I was finishing the binding on Christmas morning and didn't manage to take any photos before I gifted it. 

The photo above is my attempts at hand quilting, which was a disastrous attempt. I couldn't get my stitches to look nice on both sides. 

Instead I machine quilted a few of the hexie flowers. I didn't do them all do to time. The fabric wasn't stretched properly on the top and bottom and I was left with a little excess fabric on top. 

Teeny tiny hand stitches. 

And the front

As you can see I drank a lot of hot chocolate whilst making this quilt!
I started in July 2014 just after we got back from holiday. I'd been itching to start a project when I got back and something this time consuming was perfect. 

All the fabric was from the homemakery except for the blue dot which I had in my stash. 
I used a pink Tilda stripe for the backing and the blue dot for the binding. 

Recently, my gran gave me the quilt back. This obviously upset me at first but she explained she wanted our baby to have it. She figured it would save me making another but I'm still going to make a triangle quilt for bubba!

I finally got to take some finished pictures! Ideally the binding needs redoing as my stitches were rushed to say the least. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it held up over the last 6 months and can't wait to see baby using it!


  1. it's so lovely! i'd love to make a quilt but i'm not good at things that i can't finish in a day, weekend at most!

    1. I'm usually like that but for some reason this didn't get boring! Normal square quilting is so dull though x