Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tips for scrapbooking

Once you have an idea for the scrapbook you want to make start collecting! Keep old train tickets, receipts, leaflets, anything that will add to your collection. When we went to San Francisco last summer I knew I'd be making a scrapbook so I collected loads of extras to make it more than just photos.

I bought the pop-up card from the Golden Gate bridge and it works really well
I always try and make my scrapbook pages slightly different, so one page will be full of photos and another will just have one photo and embellishments. Be spontaneous! Don't try to make it too uniform. Wonky pictures are cute!

Collect stickers from everywhere! Hobbycraft and paperchase can work out to be really expensive so pick stickers where you can - small children, supermarkets, pound shops... I get a lot of my stickers from Canada where they're a lot cheaper. Stickers and embellishments really make a scrapbook, as do little pops of colour.

There are loads of websites that will print your pictures, if you want the polaroid vintage look check out who print 48 photos for £10, they come as you see above. The only problem is you can only print photos which have been uploaded to Instagram. This isn't a problem for me because I upload most of the things we do to keep a record, however check out other photography places like snapfish who do good deals on prints.

Me and Gary made our scrapbook in 2 hours and I cannot stop looking at it! It's such a great way of storing your photos and making something special with your partner.

Have you made a scrapbook before?

Amy x

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