Saturday, October 10, 2015

Maternity makes

After this post about dropping the dress, all I've made since have been dresses! Although in my defense I did just cut the Morris Blazer out...

The first two have been modified plantain tops, a free pattern from Deer and Doe. This one I lengthened the front and gathered the sides using my overlocker to create extra bump room, I based the waist and hips on an existing RTW pattern but wish I'd made it a little tighter.

This dress was inspired by instagram and a dress Katie had made

It's basically the plantain top with added gathered waistband, I asked Katie the width and she just used the full width of her fabric. It's similar to the Moneta except the neckline is lower.
The fabric I used from mine came from Guthrie & Ghani but really it's too thick for a dress which makes the skirt stick out a little too much but it makes a good winter dress. I also cut the bodice too low (I'm not used to so much bust!) and it pulls up too much. However it will also be an excellent addition to my maternity wardrobe!

I also made another Merchant and Mills Dress Shirt, this is the third I've made which may make it my second most popular dress (the first being the oversized bodice/gathered skirt combo). I really took my time with this dress and I love it so much more than my quickly overlocked together jersey dresses. I made the bust and waist a size bigger and left the original hem, my bump pulls it up and makes it the perfect length. I can never seem to find time to take a picture so you'll just have to take my word for it!

And last but not least is another Moneta, this time I made no changes to the pattern and just cut my normal size. Thank god for forgiving fabric!

I absolutely love this dress it's my favourite! I almost don't feel pregnant in it and it makes me feel like my old self.
I also cut and sewed it up in less than 3 hours!
As my bump grows I seem to be needing more separates now that it's getting colder, a couple of Alexandria trousers and a few Lark t-shirts should keep me going!

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  1. they're all so cute! especially love the b&w polka dots!