Saturday, October 10, 2015

Slow fashion October

After this post a few months ago I've really caught the knitting bug!
I really love learning new skills. I absolutely love dressmaking but with my current changing shape I'm sewing more out of necessity and there are some patterns I'm desperate to try (Alder and Roberts being two that immediately spring to mind) but can't just yet. I'm missing taking on new challenges, as I'm sewing a lot of easy makes, mainly out of jersey!

Being pregnant has kick started my interest in knitting, I've been desperate to make this jumper for at least a year now but needed some small, fast projects to get me from a total basic beginner first.

The first thing I knitted was a tiny baby hat, which still needs the bear ears attaching so is technically unfinished, the second was an obvious choice of a tiny cardigan. The pueripeum cardigan was recommended to me and it's just a brilliant pattern! I absolutely loved knitting it, it really stretched my knitting skills and increased my confidence. It was just the challenge I needed!

I've nearly finished the last sleeve and whilst definitely not perfect it has given me the confidence to try another knitted project, this time for me. This cardigan in a gorgeous mustard yellow. I've been searching for a mustard cardigan for ages and just couldn't find one that was perfect, so I'm going to make my own!
After making my own clothes for two years, it's really hard to get out of that mindset and it may take me 6 months to knit this cardigan but it will be so worth it

I was really good and didn't cast on until I'd finished the baby cardigan. I'm absolutely obsessed with knitting at the moment so I'm hoping it won't take as long as I think! 

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