Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Current obsessions

I'm currently OBSESSED with the idea of making a coat. Unfortunately I have no idea what size I'm going to be when baby comes and so I'm just going to have to obsessively pin pictures. 

My favourites are the following:

This Cabbages and Roses coat is absolutely gorgeous and not too tricky (hopefully) to make! 
I've even found a pattern thanks to Pinterest which is Jamie Christina's Abbey coat pattern. 

For this coat I've found some gorgeous camel wool coating on eBay for £7 (!!!) but currently no pattern. Having said that I haven't been looking properly. 

 And this!!! beauty is Alexander Wang, I'm definitely into the idea of making a tartan coat and again it's just finding the right pattern. If I find a pattern for the camel coat then I could adapt it and make something similar to this baby! (All the heart eyes emojis) 

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  1. I'd love to make a coat too, but it seems like such an intense project! I've got my eye on a duffle coat, can't get enough of those toggles. the top one you've picked is so lovely!