Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 "re-sew-lutions"

Whilst waiting for baby to arrive my creative brain has been in overdrive. I can't make clothes for myself at the moment with my bust and waist changing all the time (funnily enough my hips haven't) and so I've been doing a lot of brainstorming.

As a rule I've never made New Years Resolutions, even as a kid I always thought that if you wanted to change you needn't wait until a new year to do it - I was a wise child!

Timehop threw up a picture from a year ago saying that my 2015 resolution was one thing and one thing only - to learn how to knit. I managed to do this and knit a baby hat, baby cardigan and I've nearly finished the body on a cardigan for me! 

I don't have any resolutions this year but this is what is like to make:

Watson Bra - I love learning new skills and bra making seems like it really takes it up a notch!

Ginger jeans - ditto above, plus I have expensive jeans taste so it would be great to be able to recreate these! The only thing that puts me off is finding good quality denim. Any thoughts?

Roberts dungarees - I recently bought some dungarees from Topshop in the sale and although they might have fit my pre pregnancy thighs I had no chance at 9 months pregnant! Having said that they were too short anyway. Ever since I've been obsessed with making my own!

McCalls M6885 - chambray shirt dress. Laura made one and I fell in love! I'm going to shamelessly copy her and make one in a dark chambray. 

Tilly Clemence skirt - I've wanted to make this skirt for YEARS and just never gotten round to it. Now I've got some Lark tees to go with it and my brand new Lotta From Stockholm red clogs (ALL the heart eyes) I might finally get around to it. I'm pretty sure my stash will cover this make too. 

McCalls M6696 - this dress has been doing the rounds around the blogosphere and the many variations I've seen have been gorgeous. I really want to make an anchor chambray version (in Robert Kaufman) which is already in my stash waiting for me to return to normal ish figure. I also fancy a polka dot chambray version. 

Cabbages and Roses skirt - I love this skirt and it's a simple design (at £200 in the sale I don't think so!) I don't have a pattern or the fabric but I'd love to make one one day. This is probably the most unlikely item to get made as I don't have any of "ingredients" and can't afford to add to the stash whilst on maternity leave. 

What are your re-sew-lutions?

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