Sunday, January 24, 2016

Roberts Collection Dungarees

As soon as Marilla posted a sneak peak of her new pattern on Instagram I knew I had to make them. I eagerly awaited their release but was put off by the lack of paper pattern. Then Marilla had a small run of paper patterns printed which I snapped up.

I had bought some dungarees in the Topshop sale but not only could I not get them past my hips they were also going to be miles too short. This led to me developing a serious itch to make dungarees when 40 weeks pregnant!

The fact that the Roberts dungarees are loose fitting meant that it didn't matter what measurements I would be. I measured my hips and bust and cut what I think was a size 3 based on one reviewer who said they came up quite baggy. The day before I went into labour I was ordering dungaree clips from eBay!

It wasn't until Emily arrived that I cut the fabric out. Two weeks after she was born I finally finished them! I really took my time stitching them (not much choice with a newborn!) and enjoyed the process rather than rushing to get them done. 

I made a few changes to them after obsessively searching blogs for finished dungarees. Most people seem to have made the dress which wasn't very helpful! I narrowed the legs, cut a size smaller than my measurements, widened the straps, added clips instead of poppers and changed the shape of the front bib slightly to look less like overalls and more like dungarees. 

I found the instructions really difficult to follow in places. However I don't think this is a problem with Marilla's instructions and more to do with the fact I have a newborn baby and slight sleep deprivation! I can be really stubborn though and when I set my mind to something it will get done.

I was so desperate to start making these that I checked my stash for suitable fabric but only had chambray which Marilla said might not take the strain of the crotch seam. I ordered some 5oz denim from Merchant and Mills which is quite lightweight and not much heavier than chambray so I'm hoping it holds up! The clips and poppers were from eBay. 

They fit perfectly except around my mum tum but I'm losing inches very quickly (thanks to breastfeeding) and I'm hoping they will fit nicely soon. I'm really happy with how they have come out and am already planning a second pair! 

T shirt is from Boden is actually yellow and not green as its showing up! Shoes are Lotta from Stockholm. 


  1. I like your dungarees with alterations, they look good. I have bought this pattern and want to make the dungarees but need to find the right fabric first.

  2. Thank you! I love them too. Make sure you go for a heavier fabric. These are 5oz denim and a little light really. I popped the crotch seam!