Thursday, February 11, 2016

Capsule wardrobe

Having a baby has really challenged my personal style. Pregnancy forced me to see clothes as functional rather than a way of expressing myself. Now that I'm breastfeeding I have to wear clothes which enable easy access. 
Since having Emily my measurements have changed. My hips are the same size but my bust is ginormous and a whopping 5 inches larger! Which means none of my pre pregnancy dresses still don't fit. Although I did get back into my pre pregnancy jeans!

As I now need to sew clothes to replace the ones that don't fit I'm thinking about my personal style and the gaps in my wardrobe. This seems to involve a lot of chambray and mustard! I'm obsessed at the moment and especially chambray shirt dresses. I'm going for looser fit as I think my measurements will change again as I lose weight and my body adjusts to breastfeeding. 

Currently I'm sewing McCalls M6885 and I've just ordered the Alder shirt dress for an anchor chambray dress. 

Other than a shed load of chambray and shirt dresses I'm struggling with figuring out my personal style and I think I need a good wardrobe clear out to see the gaps. 

Anyone else struggling with style?

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