Saturday, February 20, 2016

McCalls M6885

As I mentioned before I'm obsessed with chambray at the moment, specifically shirtdresses. Jen over a Grainline just released the popover pattern but I was already halfway through making my M6885. 

This is the first time I've sewn a pattern that isn't from an indie designer. I helped a lady at the dressing class to see a Vogue blouse but I've always been put off by the Big 4 as sizing is supposed to be way off. 

My new measurements fell into the 14 category but the finished measurements came out at a 12. I cut a 10 at the shoulders and sleeves as they are a bit narrower but I'm really happy with the way the dress fits me especially with no alterations. The sleeves are a little tight but I could let the seam allowance out if it bugs me. 

I found the instructions fairly straightforward I just had some trouble with the placket as I put the notch in the wrong place and couldn't recut having already down one and messed it up. So it meant I couldn't have my placket all neat and tidy. You can see it on this picture. 

I used Robert Kaufman chambray from m is for make and the floral poplin was from Backstitch (who incidentally are excellent for patterns. M6885 was from eBay though). The snaps and fixing tool were from eBay too. I specifically bought an edge stitching foot for the collar and I'm really pleased with how it came out.

I really took my time sewing this and enjoyed the process rather than just the end result and it's making me love my handmade items even more because so much time has gone into them. 

I especially love the details like the floral plackets and the pearl snaps. 

Sorry for the creasing this was after wearing it all day!

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