Sunday, May 10, 2015

Can't knit, won't knit

I've tried a few different crafts, crochet, knitting, jewellery making, embroidery but none has captured my heart and soul as dressmaking.
For me, there's nothing so satisfying than making an outfit from your imagination (and sewing machine). With most crafts there is a limit on things you can make, with knitting it tends to be; hats, jumpers, gloves but with sewing the possibilities really are endless; dresses, jackets, jeans, underwear.
I am constantly thinking of which outfit to make next and have endless ideas.

However, there are some inspirational knitters out there that are really tempted me to get my needles cracking, if only my RSI didn't flare up after only an hour or so. When people say to me, how do you make that, it's so complicated, that's how I feel about knitting. 

One day I might be able to finish a knitting project. 

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