Sunday, May 10, 2015 year (and a bit) on

I started out sewing with this mentality of not even bothering back tacking seams or pre-washing fabric. The horrors!
GBSB basic dress in faded florals

Merchant and Mills Dress Shirt

GBSB basic dress in Cabbages and Roses

Stylish Dress Book E in Merchant and Mills gingham

Merchant and Mills Dress Shirt in Ikea linen

Tessuti Lily dress in M&M Blackwatch linen

Lilou dress in boiled wool

Cambie dress in Cerise Podge (Cabbages and Roses)

Sample Staple Dress

Marianne Dress - fabric from eBay

Marianne top with Miette skirt in M&M denim

Marianne dress - fabric from eBay

Marianne dress in Minerva Crafts ponte

Staple Dress in Art Gallery Fabric 

Emery Dress in M&M linen

As I've grown in confidence with my makes I've also grown in perfectionism. The insides now annoy me if they don't look pretty. Despite no one ever seeing them! I've even started lining my dress bodices instead of facing them despite it taken sooo much longer because facing is ugly. 
I've recently finished sewing the Miette skirt, a nice easy beginners pattern before I start my Archer shirt, and the pockets at the front are slightly misaligned. Oh yes I am going to unpick that bugger and redo it! Most unlike me a year ago. 

 So what have I learned?

• take my time, I will be happier and love the garment more if I don't rush it and sew it with care
• I love sewing sleeves (!?) 
• I love sewing with knit fabrics (after some cursing and throwing fabric around my kitchen)
• zips aren't as bad as you think

I wonder what I will have learned in another years time?