Sunday, September 8, 2013


I've never had an interest in skincare mainly due to the fact that I have 'normal' skin. It doesn't get very dry or oily and I only ever get spots when I'm really stressed out.
I started reading beauty blogs and watched the Caroline Hirons video with Pixiwoo. 

After browsing her blog the biggest skincare advice she had was to use a cleanser. 
I started cleansing and my skin immediately looked brighter and clearer. 
It wasnt until I started using loreal skin perfection that I was really impressed with how different my skin looked. 
I actually went out without any makeup on! Will definitely be buying this moisturiser again. It claims to even out redness and reduce pores (oh sure it does I thought to myself) however that is exactly the difference I have noticed, my pores are definitely reduced and I don't have as much redness around my nose (which used to be bright red!). It's only £8 in ASDA at the moment, absolute bargain!

What skincare products do you recommend?

Amy x