Monday, October 27, 2014

Sunday afternoon

I've spent the last two Sunday afternoons sewing my Lilou dress.

I found the instructions quite confusing, especially considering the book is aimed at absolute beginners and I would not class myself as a beginner, more advanced beginner I think.

I had to ask for some help on IG from another lady who found them also equally confusing, she helped me out and I managed to construct the bodice in that magically lined way which if you've never tried it, is amazing. It's really hard to explain but this blog does an excellent job (better than Tilly's book - sorry!) of showing you how it works. Except that I then sewed the rest of the dress as if there was no lining at all?! All that time spent sewing the lining for the inside to be a mess - at least it looks better than facing though. I'm not going to subject you to a picture of the inside, trust me it's a mess. Also buying cheap cotton lawn from eBay is not a good idea, when lining garments don't choose a really flimsy see-through fabric like me, choose something pretty so it looks awesome inside.

I look at the last few dresses I've made (especially the ones that are only faced) and think I can do so much better. I used to read sewing blogs and think why?! All that time, energy spent making the inside look pretty and for what? And then I realised. We're not sewing fast fashion, we're spending time, effort and a lot of money making beautiful garments and it really pays off to be 100% happy with the way it looks (not that I'd know about that, I sort of imagine it's really nice to be 100% happy with something you've made).

I wore my Tessuti Lily dress to work and got ALL the compliments. I was really blushing by the end of the day. Then I wore my Merchant and Mills Dress Shirt and felt like a rock star. I'm really addicted to sewing my own clothes. It's such a satisfying feeling!

Up next is a plaid Emery dress with a white collar and a chambray Clemence skirt and then maybe even a white linen dress shirt. Although I do need to get started on my Cambie dress for the December wedding. Oh! So little time, what are you sewing up?

Saturday, October 11, 2014


The first half term in the academic year is always the hardest.
We've just move into a new building and then you've got new students to contend with. Striking that balance between supportive and strict. We also had an ofsted visit on the third week of term which took 90% of my time with the rest spent sleeping.

I haven't done anything creative in 5 weeks and my little brain is going a little mad. I'm missing sewing, dressmaking in particular. I haven't bought any new clothes in months and I would really like a new outfit! Unfortunately nipping to Primark is far easier than sewing your own clothes but also not as satisfying. 
I recently bought this seersucker cotton and patterns from Minerva Craft to turn into a winter dress. 

I'm still trying to learn to knit but I am very slow. I have mastered the basic stitches but am yet to complete a project. Also buying a skein of yarn and tangling the whole 100g ball into a knotty mess did little for my knitting motivation. 6 hours later and it's very nearly a ball of yarn.

I had some very sad and devastating news this week and I am finding it tough to deal with. My family live 4000 miles away and as I get older I realise how much I rely on them for support. When you're young you think you don't need your parents and then you see that they in fact know more than you and can give very solid advice. I wish nothing more to grieve with my family but instead I will grieve alone, for the nephew I will never meet, or cuddle or see grow old. 

Shortly after he was born I left my house to see the biggest, brightest rainbow outside my front door and I like to think it was him saying hello. I will always think of him and other babies born sleeping whenever I see a rainbow. It also reminds me that rainbows cannot exist without a little rain.