Saturday, November 28, 2015

Leibster award

Shauni from tagged me for a Leibster award!
For someone who literally feels like she's talking to herself when blogging it was a lovely surprise. 
The idea of the Liebster is that you nominate blogs with under 200 followers and share a few fun facts about yourself. 

So here it goes:

1: I can't leave a project unfinished and move onto the next, it would never get finished and so I always work on one thing at once!

2: I've been a psychology teacher for the past 5 years and enjoy it immensely

3: I recently taught two dressmaking classes at Simply solids and absolutely loved them! I guess I'm destined to always be a teacher in some way 

4: I love dogs, cats not so much 

5: I don't drink and my only vice is Coca Cola (or Pepsi I'm not fussy)

6: We're currently saving for a wee little cottage in Yorkshire and then we can get a puppy

7: I taught myself to sew, crochet and knit all using the Internet!

8: My parents and baby sister live in Canada, they moved over 8 years ago but I didn't go as I was in university at the time

9: I go through phases of being obsessed by things, currently it's mustard cardigans and striped clothes 


I nominate Helen over at and Rach at 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My plaid obsession

As soon as Autumn begins and the leaves start changing colour my brain immediately kick starts my plaid (or tartan) obsession. Somehow it feels wrong to wear it unless it's Autumn/winter and so I get to pick out all my old favourites from my wardrobe. 

Since Autumn began I've already made 2 plaid dresses and planning some plaid pyjamas for Gary and a shirt dress (that's for me if you hadn't guessed!).

 Please ignore the mess!!

The pattern is Tessuti's lily dress with short sleeves and no pockets. 
It was a super speedy make as the neckline is bias bound and I just zipped it through my overlocker. For the life of me I cannot remember where the fabric is from!

No pattern matching to see here!
I added the waist gathers which are inspired by a Cabbages and Roses dress that I absolutely love but couldn't justify buying. I love that this dress can accommodate bump but will also be fab for the next plaid urge I get. 

The next dress is another one inspired by C&R and is a rub off of a black watch tartan dress I own from them. 
It's basically a bodice block with no darts to make it shapeless with a long gathered skirt. 

This is my "you're taking the picture from the wrong angle" face. Derp. 

31 weeks! 
The fabric for this dress came from Fabric Godmother from my recent fabric splurge. 

And this is my Autumn/winter uniform. Some kind of dress with leggings and my favourite ever pair of boots which will be reheeled/soled forever!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Current obsessions

I'm currently OBSESSED with the idea of making a coat. Unfortunately I have no idea what size I'm going to be when baby comes and so I'm just going to have to obsessively pin pictures. 

My favourites are the following:

This Cabbages and Roses coat is absolutely gorgeous and not too tricky (hopefully) to make! 
I've even found a pattern thanks to Pinterest which is Jamie Christina's Abbey coat pattern. 

For this coat I've found some gorgeous camel wool coating on eBay for £7 (!!!) but currently no pattern. Having said that I haven't been looking properly. 

 And this!!! beauty is Alexander Wang, I'm definitely into the idea of making a tartan coat and again it's just finding the right pattern. If I find a pattern for the camel coat then I could adapt it and make something similar to this baby! (All the heart eyes emojis)