Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ginger jeans

Prepping my next project, yup I'm sewing the Ginger jeans!

Thoughts so far:

The paper pattern is printed in blue ink on tissue paper which means it's difficult to trace. I ended up cutting out my paper pattern which I promised myself I'd stop doing but I had no choice. 

The low rise option (view A) is still relatively high waisted for how I like to wear my jeans. I'm debating whether to sew them as they are or lower the waist. I'm relatively short bodied so I'm thinking that view A will be too high. Although the higher waist will be super flattering at hiding the "mum tum". Hmmm... Thoughts?

If you'd like to follow my progress I'm on Instagram @whatamymade and using the hashtag #amysewsgingerjeans. 
Also I'd like to point out this is the first time I've sewn jeans so very much a beginner!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

My birth story

I promise I won't spam you all with too much baby talk but I did want to share my birth story as I feel we spread the negative horror stories and not the positive ones! 

I was 5 days overdue and my waters broke before my contractions started, this means that I had 24 hours to get going otherwise I'd have to be induced which I was dreading. 

I really wanted to go to the local birth centre and have a water birth. I'd tried some hypnobirthing and felt like I would be able to stay calm and relaxed. 
Unfortunately my contractions didn't get going fast enough and I had to go to the hospital to be induced. 

Gary had a little snooze on a beanbag on the floor and I asked the nurse for something to eat at 3am. I was absolutely starving and the Angel that she was she brought me some toast! Best thing ever. 

When they inserted the canular I was really upset because although I never had a birth plan I had always heard inductions were more painful and I was admittedly terrified. 

However! This is where my birth story turns positive, yes the induction was more intense but there is pain relief there for a reason. I can be quite stubborn and planned to give birth without pain relief which is all well and admirable but you don't get a medal for it!

I managed on gas and air for a while but once my drip was increased I asked for more pain relief. I was given pethidine and it totally spaced me out! Not to the point that it didn't hurt but so that I couldn't concentrate on the pain as much I just had to go with it. I even remember thinking this is an amazing experience! At one point my body just totally took over and the incredible urge to push came over me. It was so involuntary! I said to the midwife I need to push she not yet to which I replied I can't, I'm not doing this! That's how much my body took over. 

From the start of being induced to pushing her out was 4 hours! Not too bad all in all. We didn't know the gender before hand so to see her pop out and then hear "it's a girl!" was incredible. My first thought was I knew it! Aha. From about 15 weeks I thought she was a girl but I wasn't sure because I didn't have much sickness which you usually do with girls. 

When she was born I still stared at her on the bed in amazement. She was here!
She didn't make much noise when born and I asked the midwife if she was okay and breathing to which she replied I think so!? She cut the cord and whisked her over to the resuscitation bay but she was absolutely fine just a little quiet. Finally I got a cuddle! 
After being stitched up I had some more toast, wow. Hospital toast is the best thing ever! 
Despite not having slept for 3 days after our first lot of visitors left we just stared at her in awe. She was finally here and she was a girl! I was filled with such an overwhelming feeling of love that every time I looked at her I cried. 

I love being a mama it's the best (and hardest) thing ever!