Monday, August 8, 2016

Work in progress

Well hello! Long time no blogging. Life catches up with us all, I've been sewing and knitting but have barely taken Instagram pictures let alone blogged about them! A lot of my time has been spent faffing with my treasures and finding places to put them in our new house. 
I made a Sew Over It Wrap dress for a friend in return for a stash of yarn she gave me. 
I finished my jeans but they need a swayback adjustment and I can't bring myself to unpick and adjust. They look pretty good though! I made a gingham Emery and then lost a tonne of weight so it needs adjusting. 
And I also made a chambray skirt which I love and have worn constantly since making (before I managed to get photos it got baby poop and sick all over it...)

I also found the perfect mustard cardigan in M&S today. I debated for a while about buying it as I'm knitting a mustard cardigan but I'm really unhappy with my decreases. They've turned out bumpy and really obvious looking. I'm in that annoying place of not wanting to continue and not wanting to frog a whole sleeve. So in the pile it waits. Meanwhile I'm browsing ravelry for the jumper I really wanted to make. Will this one get finished or resigned to The Pile. Only time will tell...

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